A fantastic promotional tool for Twitch streamers

For all the Twitch streamers out there, we’ve developed the perfect little promotional tool: the free-of-charge “Stream Status for Twitch” plugin. While it’s not a component of the PowerUp theme itself, releasing freebies is our way of giving back to the WordPress community – and in this case, the gaming community – and we wanted to make a quick mention of it here as it is certainly gaming related.

So what does it do, exactly? It adds a minimal, non-annoying yet highly visible notification to your site, alerting visitors when you’re streaming. It works great with PowerUp as well as any other WordPress theme and includes positioning and animation options, the possibility to only be displayed when you’re actively streaming and more.

You can install Stream Status for Twitch directly from the plugin repository via your WordPress installation, or alternatively check out all the details and download it from WordPress.org. We appreciate you giving it a try!