Massive TV on Wheels

Hello fellow gamers! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this demo site for PowerUp, the WordPress theme built from the ground up with the gaming community in mind.

Having spent nearly a decade operating several video game sites, I must say that designing and building this theme was an absolute blast. This is a product of pure gamer passion; its nuanced design elements, the dark and cozy overall look, unique features and clean layout are all the result of countless hours of relentless iteration and fine-tuning. It sounds horribly cliché, but PowerUp truly is built for gamers, by gamers. And we’re just getting started!

Here at Bonfire Themes we have the habit of continually increasing the value of our products through meaningful updates, and PowerUp is no different. Additions both big and small are already deep in the design phase, and we’ll of course be freshening up existing features and design elements over time as new ideas emerge as well.

Additionally, we don’t shy away from listening to our customers. Having implemented numerous customer-requested features into our products over the years, we’ve continually demonstrated our openness to feedback.

To sum up, we hope you enjoy this demo site and we can’t wait to show how we plan to build upon this foundation. For now, please do have a look around and read through the posts listed on the front page to get a better idea of what the the theme is all about.

Thanks again!

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